Jeffrey Navarre

Jeffrey “Janardhana” Navarre has been studying the Art of Yoga for more than 30 years. His love for yoga starting while he was stationed in Italy. He met and was mentored by a direct devotee of Swami Vishnudevananada. She instilled a love and dedication that he still has today.

After studying and training a various schools of yoga he returned to the Swami Sivananda Vedanta center at the “Yoga Ranch” in Woodburn,NY. He received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Jeffrey is Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance.

Jeffrey has taught more than 15,000 hours of yoga, and was voted “Best of the Bay” yoga instructor in 2010 for Tampa Bay. He has been called the “Yoga Nazi” and the “angry Yogi” due to his dedication to his craft. If you want to learn and grow through your yoga practice, study yoga with Janardhana.

Janardhana means he who protects people and liberates them. So who can be a better protector than Lord Krishna? Confusion may arise that all deities can give protection! True, but as per Hindu Philosophy, Lord Vishnu is palan karta, so giving protection is officially his responsibility. Janardhana is actually a name of Lord Vishnu. Since Krishna is an incarnation, he is also called by the same name.

Curtis Williams

Curtis, is a Sivananda Hatha Yoga trained teacher, who has lived, studied, and worked in Yoga Ashrams in Paradise Island, Bahamas and several other ashrams in throughout India. Curtis is a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and received his 200-hour certification at the beautiful Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Initially he was drawn to yoga after finding that headstands relieved pain in his back that he had after two back surgeries for Scoliosis. Relieving back pain was just the tip of the iceberg of the blessings yoga has given him and he loves to share this amazing knowledge with others.


Denise Halfast

Denise has her 200 hour certification in Sivananda Hatha Yoga. She has been practicing for over 16 years and has been teaching for 6 years. She also has taken two additional workshops with Leslie Kaminoff, 2015-2016, and understanding how the breath and our anatomy works when performing the yoga poses.

Understanding the benefits of yoga on a personal basis, Denise wants others to experience the benefits as well. She loves the excitement students feel when they show growth in their own practice and experience self-realization.

Denise is an excellent teacher who deeply cares about here students, and continues to grow as a teacher and a person though her daily practice.